Magnesium Ingot 7.5 KgChina Manufacturers and Suppliers,

or Lingotes de magnesio 99.9%min, usados de Industria del Aluminio.
(1) Specification:

GradeChemical composition (%)
Mg≥AlMnSiFeClCuNiother impurities

(2) Single weight: 7.5 KGS +/-0.5KG each ingot etc.
(3) Packing: 1mt/1.25mt Wooden /Mg pallets, bundled with steel strip and covered by strong plastic film.

Alumninium alloys are aluminum-based metal with the addition of alloying elements copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese, nickel, titanium,

chromium, vanadium, and zirconium, the purpose of adding alloying elements is to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum.

Our acid pickling facilities and spacious warehouses of Mg ingot are near XinGang port, Tianjin, strong & serious supplier of magnesium ingot

(mg metal). Aluminum alloying is the largest consumer of magnesium metal in the world, our end clients are leading aluminum smelter plants in

UAE, Bahrain, PK, EU etc.

Here you could buy premium magnesium metal ingots, 100g, 300g, 1kg Mg butt ends,115kg T-Bar, 7.5kg per ingot,

SGS or C. Stenweig pre-shipment test as per request, welcome toinquiry for more.