Stannous sulphate crystalline

Stannous sulfate, 25kg/drum with liner

CAS No.: 7488-55-3,
EINECS No.: 231-302-2,
Formula:  SnS04
Synonyms:  Tin sulfate, Tin(II) sulfate, Stannous sulfate, Tin sulphate powder, Sulfate d'étain, Sulfato de estaño.

Industrial grade purity: 99.2% min
Appearance:  white to slightly yellow crystalline powder
Packing:  25kg/plastic barrel with liner bags

Applications:  acidic tin plating baths, liquor finishing and drawing of steel wire, electrolytic color additive,
anodized coloring & surface treatment of aluminium extrusion profiles, copper, steel etc., also concrete/cement additive to reduce chromate levels.
Industries:  Construction, Chemical Processing, electroplating plating, dying agent





99.2% min

Hcl Insolubility

0.005% max


0.005% max


0.005% max

Heavy Metals (by Pb+ Cu)

0.02% max

Alkaline And Alkaline Earth Metals

0.10% max

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