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    in master alloys of aluminium, copper, alloying additives

We are specialized in supplying grain refinement agent, minor metal magnesium ingot 99,90%min, 99,95% in aluminium alloy ingots, billets casting production,

by adding the molten metal with Al-Ti-B coiled rods, cut sticks, element additive magnesium, silicon, aluminium master alloys AlTi, AlSr, AlMn, AlSi alloys for high quality end aluminium products, main end user secondary aluminum recycling smelters, extrusion cast-house, steel and iron desulphurization use etc.


Magnesium metal ingots

HS Code of 8104.1100, unwrought magnesium, containing 99,9% by weight of magnesium, clean finish, fresh production, no oxidation, acid washed.

Ingot weight,
7.5kg, 300g, 100g, 115kg ( T-Bar )

Export packing,
about 1Ton/ 1.25Ton magnesium pallets, bundled with steel strips & wrapped strong
Aluminium Titanium Boron coils, rods

Grain refiner AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0.2
in 9.5mm dia. coiled rod or cut sticks 0.5m/ 1m.

Export packing:
Coils: 180-220kg/coil, 3 coils/pallet

Rods: length 0.5m/ 1m Al-Ti-B sticks in wooden box

The grain refinement is an essential process in the aluminium casting industry Al-Si foundry alloys, aluminum extrusion billets etc., addition of 5%Titanium-1%Boron-Aluminium is to maintain product consistency and quality, finer and more uniform grain structures.

Master Alloys & Alloying Additives

Aluminium Titanium Carbon AlTiC 3/0.15, AlTi5C0.2

Aluminium Silicon AlSi25%, 30%, AlSi50%

Aluminium-Iron AlFe10%, 30%, 45%, 80%
Aluminium-Strontium AlSr 5%, AlSr10%, AlSr15%
Aluminium-Titanium AlTi5%, AlTi10%

Aluminum-Boron alloys AlB5% AlB8%

Mn 75% and 85% -balance Aluminum /Flux
Ti 75% and 80% - balance Aluminum /Flux
Fe 75% - balance Aluminum /Flux

Phosphorus Copper master alloy,

Alloying Agent CuP14-15% waffle, shot form 2-5mm